WT30 Air Sterilisation Unit (Serviced x 2pa)

Supplier: Greenworks


annual service contract

WT30 Air Sterilisation Unit (Serviced x 2pa)

Differentiating itself from the standard battery operated airfresh unit, this is a sterilisation unit which removes odours, as opposed to covering them.

Natural airflow unit, ideal for Washrooms/Changing areas with 3 or less cubicles. Price includes supply, delivery and installation, bi-annual servicing.


  • Protect staff, visitors and other users
  • Clear embarrassing odours
  • Eliminate Bacteria and Viruses in the air
    and on surfaces 
  • Reduce chemical usage
  • Eliminate the need for deodorants and
  • Improve the image of your organisation


  • Width 140mm
  • Height 500mm
  • Depth 100mm

Washroom Servicing Contract T's & C's

* Please note this item forms part of an annual service contract. Your initial order payment covers 12 months of servicing for this item (s). Any items(s) will be automatically invoiced to you on the anniversary of your first purchase for Year 2 servicing, and again the following year for Year 3 servicing, unless 3 months notice is given in writing to the customer service team prior to the date of renewal, at which point the item(s) will be removed from site by the Supplier.