S-Drive Performance Trainer


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The S-Drive Performance Trainer combines the benefits of a self-powered treadmill, weighted sled, resistance parachute and harness system in one space-saving footprint.

Features a sled brake with eight settings, providing a true-to-life weighted sled pushing experience. Parachute brake with 11 settings gives users the feel of real parachute resistance. Sled and parachute brakes can be used individually or together to vary between cardio and strength-building workouts. Adjustable harness offers easy entry and exit while allowing for a complete upper body range of movement.

Built-in bar simulates sled pushing and pulling without needing the space to use a traditional sled. 7-degree incline is ideal for building strength and explosiveness with proper form, whether the user is performing forward, lateral or reverse movements. Full perimeter handrails offer easy entry and exit and support during lateral movement. Low-inertia design offers true-to-life ground reaction force and quick deceleration, ideal for high-intensity interval training. Heavy-duty deck stands up to the most intense workout environments and accommodates larger users in rehabilitation environments.

Self-powered design makes it easy to place the unit anywhere in your facility. True zero start and unlimited top speed offers a wide variety of users the ability to match their workout experience to their needs and fitness goals.

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