Octane xRide Regular Console


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Satisfy the demand for comfort, challenge and variety on the cardio floor with the unique xRide® recumbent elliptical, delivering incredible effectiveness to everyone from beginners to athletes.

Powerstroke™ Exclusive pedal motion activates up to 3x  the muscles so users  burn up to 23% more calories*

Exercisers combine cardio and strength training efficiently  with vigorous interval repetitions at high intensity.

The Active Seat Position™  accommodates different size exercisers by offering more tilt and height adjustments for the perfect fit to maximize comfort and variety.

Users can select advanced HIIT workout programs or activate Workout Boosters to incorporate interval training into any program.

Choose from a smart  or standard console plus  a personal viewing  screen or  900 Mhz

Challenging advanced programs: MMA, 30:30, HR Interval

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