Octane Max Trainer MTX


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Easy to use and instantly responsive, the Max Trainer® machine is ideal for circuit workouts with multiple users working in rapid succession. Exercisers determine their own intensity on the Max Trainer, which makes it ideal for all levels, from beginners to athletes, to challenge themselves and progress at their pace. These total-body, zero-impact workouts blast calories in steady-state or HIIT.

This commercial-grade machine is built to withstand the toughest beatings, so you can enjoy ultra-durability, a small footprint and low-step-up height, so it can easily fit anywhere in your club.



14-Minute Workout - Up to 43% more calorie burn*
Instant Resistance Change - No time wasted
Ultimate HIIT Machine - Just get on and go, no adjustments needed
Intuitive Console - Calorie meter offers instant feedback and motivation
Quick On and Off - Fast transitions ideal for circuit workouts
Dual Grip - More effectively activate upper body
High Velocity Fan - Virtually unlimited fan and brake resistance
Small Footprint - Less floor space than treadmills, ellipticals and steppers

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