A3x Ascent Trainer


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Give your members maximum intensity in minimum space. The Ascent trainer delivers a dynamic full-body workout with a small footprint that helps you make efficient use of your cardio floor. Responsive incline adjustment and variable stride length work in perfect harmony to deliver a dynamic exercise experience and personalized intensity. Resistance range of 1-25 provides an effective workout and can focus on calorie burn. Adjustable 20-24" stride length for easy movement. It offers a constant rate of acceleration and suspension technology for easy mobility of wheels and tracks. The handrails designed with Ergo Form Grips gives soft, comfort yet a firm grip while accessing different key functions.The A3x is power efficient as its brushless maintenance-free generator supplies power the moment you start the machine. It provides a contralateral action with tapered, dual action handlebars ensuring smooth movement of the body for a great workout.

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