40 x Fit Bars and Rack (10 x 3kg, 10 x 4kg, 10 x 5kg, 5 x 6kg, 5 x 7kg)

Supplier: Jordan Fitness


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40 x Fit Bars and rack (10 x 3kg, 10 x 4kg, 10 x 5kg, 5 x 6kg, 5 x 7kg).

Well made, solid construction these Jordan Fitbars are excellent for fitness professionals for studio classes, personal training sessions or circuit training / bootcamps classes. Also great for performing various exercises including lunges, squats, sit-ups and upper body exercises. They have a solid steel core ensuring evenly distributed weight and they come in a length of 1000mm-1250mm.

Rack holds up to 60 Fit Bars

Available as standard in TUF Coat Grey, Graphite Grey or Matte Black

Lockable wheels

Height 1150mm

Length 810mm

Depth 860mm

Weight 35kg

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